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Every purchase supports the higher education and employment of survivors of trafficking at Courage House Tanzania.


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About Courage House

Courage Houses are long-term, trauma-informed, residential rehabilitation programs for minor female victims of sex trafficking. In 2011, Courage House Moshi opened in the Kilimanjaro region to 10 girls and 2 babies. As of October 2022, 50 girls and 20 of their children call Courage House and Courage House Too home! Throughout the life of Courage House Moshi, 62 trafficking survivors, along with their children, have joined the Courage Worldwide family and embarked on their journey of healing and freedom. 

The foundation of Courage House is to:

Rescue the most vulnerable: young girls trapped in sexual slavery and exploitation.

Restore their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through education, around-the-clock care, trauma-informed counseling, music, sports, and much more.

Reintegrate each girl into society—planned through their individually-designed Unique Life Plan—equipped with further education, vocational training, and life skills.

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Courage House Too

Courage House Too is a transitional program for former members of Courage House, ages 18+.

This program allows them to gain leadership and vocational training skills (sewing, jewelry making, and cookery), develop their English and computer skills, and make the transition to adult life with a solid foundation.

We support these girls through their college/university education or vocational training program so they can follow their dreams, and ensure they won’t be trapped in the life of sexual exploitation ever again.

At Courage House Too, we have future lawyers, social workers, journalists, tailors, business women, hospitality workers, hair stylists and teachers (just to name a few)!

Courage Products

Over two years ago now, we had ten Courage House Tanzania girls off to college, university, and vocational training but no funds.

Brainstorming ways to raise money for their education, the girls began to create handmade products to sell to small volunteer teams. These products were immediately a hit!

This is how Courage Products was born: imparting meaningful skills & hard work to the Courage girls, while raising money for their further education! 

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My life at CLA is good because I see God working in this place. Here at CLA I have learned many skills like sewing kimonos and making jewelry which help me and my fellow sisters to get university fees, through selling these products to the different supporters of Courage. For that, I am so grateful and excited to be studying at university. I believe that I will be able to achieve my dreams. Thank you to all supporters of Courage who supported me in changing my life. God bless you for every single thing you have done for me and my fellow sisters here at CLA. I love you!

"Z", Social Work Student and Member of CLA